What to look for in a Crossfit shoe

crossfit shoe

In the pre-CrossFit days (who remembers those?), a cross-training shoe was your all-purpose athletic shoe. It could take you on runs and hikes, support you in the gym, get you around on the tennis court, and any other physical activity. While those shoes seemed like a good idea then, CrossFit athletes now know that bigger isn’t necessarily better. Gone are the days of big athletic shoes with an inch or two of rubber on the bottom. CrossFit athletes have very different needs in mind and there are plenty of options to choose from.

CrossFit Shoes are Versatile

Some CrossFit athletes like to have a variety of shoes to choose from. Not all CrossFit athletes can afford them. Luckily, many shoe companies are making best CrossFit shoes that can work for any WOD. Whether your workout calls for box jumps, burpees, running, double unders, squats, or cleans, a good CrossFit shoe can help the athlete get the most out of their workout. Many shoes like the Reebok Nano or Inov-8s can work with any CrossFit movement. With greater demand comes greater, better, more efficient shoes.
CrossFit Shoes are Lighter
A CrossFit athlete needs a shoe that won’t get in the way of their workout. Lightweight shoes almost feel like you’re not wearing shoes, but still offer the support you need for your workout. Reebok Nanos, Nike Frees, and Inov-8s all boast very minimal weight, which helps the CrossFit athlete focus on the movements, not the shoe. After trying on regular cross-training shoes again, they almost feel like a weight vest for your feet!

CrossFit Shoes = Minimalist

CrossFit athletes recognize the importance of pose running. Heel strikes cause injuries and runners suffer from a lot of injuries. Hitting the ground with the balls of your feet can help protect your joints on runs. Minimalist shoes can help. Their thin soles mimic barefoot running in many cases. Athletes new to pose running should take it slow and get used to running with minimalist shoes by running shorter distances.
Much like running, weightlifting is safer in minimalist shoes. If you don’t have weightlifting shoes, lifting in minimalist shoes is the next best plan. They keep your feet close to the ground with their thin, usually flat soles.

CrossFit Shoes Have Some Style

Over the past few years, CrossFit athletes have demanded more style from their athletic wear. Neon colors are big in the CrossFit world right now, and the shoes reflect that. CrossFit shoes come in so many different color combinations, whether you’re going for the minimal Inov-8s or the weightlifting shoes. Gone are the days of few choices in style for your shoes – now CrossFit athletes coordinate their shoes with their outfits!

So instead of the black or white cross-training shoes of the past with their thick, heavy soles, CrossFit athletes smartly opt for versatile, lightweight, minimal shoes for their CrossFit workouts.