Top 7 Best Crossfit gloves in the World

Best CrossFit Gloves

People have quickly taken to the relatively recent phenomenon called Crossfit. These grueling workouts push people to their optimal performance, but put special demands on many parts of the body. As so many elements of the training involved gripping things with the hands, blisters, cuts and other lesions on the palm and finger can occur fairly easily. People active in Crossfit often talk about “tears,” and these hand injuries can actually cause people to having to stop training altogether for some amount of time. Obviously, a better option would be to always be in condition to train and never have to take time off.

Of course, part of preventing tears has to do with how a person maintains his or her hands before, during and after training. One should never ignore a tear, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant since it can become troublesome with more training. Taping down blisters might work temporarily, but usually will not stop further damage from happening. Also, athletes just getting into the sport need to make sure that they are approaching all the elements of a workout correctly. An optimal grip will lessen injuries to the hands. An incorrect approach to some bars, for example, might increase the likelihood of injury. Athletes should carefully monitor the state of their hands after each workout and keep down blisters and calluses in order to prevent tears. Finally, many people find it helps to moisturize their hands after working out to prevent chafing. As they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

2018 Best Crossfit gloves in the World

With that in mind, anyone from complete novices to the most experienced Crossfit athletes need a good pair of Crossfit gloves for protection and to enhance their performance. It pays to take a look at the top of the line gloves for the sport in order for each individual to make the most of their training time. The following Crossfit gloves rank the highest in the market right now. People should take their budgets and their personal needs into consideration when shopping for a pair of gloves.

1. StrongerRx RTG Gloves

This incarnation of Crossfit gloves took the top spot in the survey for several reasons. The recommendations and reviews from people heavily involved in the sport are reason enough to rank this one near the top. In fact, some consider this item an irreplaceable piece of equipment for training. However, it was the reinforced stitching that pushed this model ahead of many others, since this makes a pair of StrongerRx RTG gloves more durable than others. The material also allows for any type of hand movement an athlete might require. Beyond this, users find it extremely comfortable even during the most demanding tasks. In addition, users can choose from black, yellow and even pink versions, to add a little personalized style to their look.

StrongerRx RTG Gloves

2. The Reebok Crossfit Glove

The second Crossfit glove on the list offers the stability of a well-known name in sports and make appearances on the hands of some of the premier athletes in competitions. It should be kept in mind, though, that a lot of this comes down to promotions by the company through sponsorships. The Reebok gloves offer a good deal of protection and most users find them comfortable. Other people have complained that the leather used for the palm doesn’t meet their expectations for their particular sport. All in all, though, many people find that they do the trick and allow them to perform any movements they need to during training or competitions.

3. Under Armor Nitro Gloves

In terms of durability, people will have a hard time finding tougher Crossfit gloves than the Under Armor Nitro glove, available in red and black. A pretty versatile product, athletes have even claimed that this glove works just as well for baseball, football or other sports. This model really shines when it comes to bar lifts, but its bulk can cause problems while doing pull-ups. Users who already have hand injuries should probably look for another glove, though, as they will require more protection while they heal. This is especially true if they are doing a lot of lifting or WOD.

Under Armor Nitro Gloves

4. Reebok VR6000 Gloves

The second Reebok Crossfit glove to make the list, the VR6000, offers protection and also aims to improve outcomes during repetitions and the workout as a whole. The company went with high-quality cabretta leather for this incarnation. This translates into a glove that breathes more than others and wards of unwanted moisture, which helps athletes keep going during intense sessions. That being said, the actual protection provided by the gloves is lacking when faced with pull-ups, rope climbs and kips. This glove would still work for most beginners on a daily basis, but more experienced people might not find them up to the job. So, while not the top of the lot, the glove could work well for people just trying themselves out in the world of Crossfit.Reebok VR6000 Gloves

5. Bionic Gloves

These Crossfit gloves, from Bionic Gloves, feel really good and performed consistently across a range of tasks. They make slot number five on the list. However, unlike the Reebook VR6000, moisture does become an issue with this model. As a result, the moisture built up on the inside of the glove can become pretty uncomfortable and make gripping more of a challenge, especially as training goes on and involved bars. Also, the padding, which does make the glove comfortable and helps protect the hand, takes away from the ability to firmly grip later on in a workout. Some have also pointed out that more wrist support would help improve this glove.

6. The Nike Alpha Struct

Rolling into sixth on the list comes Nike, with the Alpha Structure Lifting Glove. This household name knows sports and nearly always comes up with stylish, functional equipment for almost any kind of athlete. In this case, though, the company might have missed the marked slightly with these Crossfit gloves. They achieved the feel and fit of a solid pair of glove that comfortably brace the hands. Most of the protection focuses on the palms and they would work well in a traditional weight lifting environment, without a doubt. After that point, though, it seems like Nike just put together a pair of lifting gloves with their logo on it without giving much thought to the rigors of Crossfit training. The material doesn’t fare well after much training, giving this set of gloves a low score for durability, especially for someone doing regular workouts. People who have set their minds on getting seriously involved in Crossfit should probably look up the chart a little bit for a more suitable option.

The Nike Alpha Struct

7. Mechanix Gloves

Originally, the designers of this glove had other sports in mind, but it can still function for Crossfit to a certain extent. The racing background of the glove can be seen easily and many construction workers also find the glove useful for the varied tasks they have to complete every day. This is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, this means that durability ranks off the charts when it comes to this glove. Things like tire flips and doing tasks with a sledgehammer line up well with the capabilities of this glove. On the other hand, the grip doesn’t lend itself to working on bars due to the lack of flexibility. Besides this, the other main complaints revolve around the need for more protection from the gloves during some tasks. In the end, hands might sustain damage, which knocked this glove a few ticks down the line in this survey.

Crossfit Gloves or Crossfit Grips:

In any sport, athletes will almost inevitably sustain some sort of injury. That is just part of the physical reality of the world. Most sports involve performing inherently unnatural movements of some kind. Due to the level of practice and repetition required to get good at any sport, injuries simply can’t be avoided for anyone striving to reach high levels of competition or even just participation.

However, Crossfit offers some particular challenges that other sports don’t. The rigorous nature of the sport derives from the emphasis it puts on a large number of repetitions and the sheer intensity expected from the sport. These repetitions exacerbate any injuries that might happen in the course of practicing for another sport. The hands bear the brunt of most of this activity, making Crossfit gloves an essential for anyone serious about pursuing the sport.

Most people think about torn ACLs or slipped disks when injuries from training come to mind. However, the hands perform the most basic functions in Crossfit and cannot be overlooked. Anyone who does so, does so at their own risk. Many knowledgeable people in the Crossfit community can share tips about hand care and help beginners learn the ropes. The basics, though, are already widely known. Anyone training seriously should take the time to prep their hands, maintain and take care of any lesions or tears resulting from a workout and invest in the right equipment. A good pair of Crossfit gloves can go a long way in ensuring that training doesn’t have to stop.