Specific Crossfit Training for Kids / children

In recent years crossfit as a physical fitness program has gained popularity. The following discusses what crossfit is, the benefits of crossfit, and how it can be used as a fitness program for kids.
What Is Crossfit? Crossfit is a type of training program that has been used by the military and police programs to get their people in top shape. It provides a holistic approach to fitness in that it covers a broad range of physical activities. The great thing about crossfit is that it can be tailored to fit nearly every individual regardless of age and physical fitness level. Some critics have objected to crossfit for kids citing that it may be too rigorous. But because it can be developed for each individual there is no reason why a child under the supervision of a responsible adult should not engage in crossfit. The age of the participant will greatly determine what kind of routine is implemented and the intensity of the routine.
Specific Areas of Crossfit There are ten general areas t…

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